Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Free Fight

Appliance of techniques under save conditions with a partner.

Self Defence

Direct and simple techniques, as well as training of drills with the purpose of self-defense.

Tag der offenen Tür & Party

May 23th 2010.

We will be holding the opening ceremony for the new Dojo. Gosoke as well as Chikaoka Sensei will come and demonstrate Mugai Ryu Iaihyoudo. We will show Mugai Ryu Iaido Kata, Kenjutsu and Tameshigiri. There will be food for our guests and we will have a great party. Everybody is welcome!!

Mugai Ryu Seminar mit Niina Gosoke im Keizankai Dojo Köln

Sunday, 05.23.2010

Opening 15:00 Uhr, beginning 15:30

Seminar mit Niina Gosoke - Mugai Ryu Iaihyoudo Grossmeister in Köln