Kung Fu Toa

The forms of Kung Fu Toa aim to strengthen mind and body by demanding power, endurance and elegance.

Mugai Ryu

Traditional, japanese swordfighting from Samurai with Katana for cultivating mind and body.

Mugai Ryu

Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu for children in Cologne! The Fu Kids training focuses on playful introduction to the world of Kung Fu.

Tai Chi

An inner martial art combining energy cultivation with soft, as well as dynamic forms.

Tai Chi Köln

Genko Nito Ryu

An effective new style focusing on fighting and applicability, developed by Niina-Soke, using two swords.

Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Samurai Kids

Stick- and swordfighting for children in Cologne, an early introduction to the world of martial arts.

Samurai Kids

Martin Wilkinson

Assistant teacher for Mugai Ryu Iaido

My interest in the Katana started off very simple through a popular TV series. I really liked the sword the main character used and started to get informations about it. What kind of sword is it, who used it, how was it made, its history and so on. During my time in Japan I began Iaido practice with the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei in Kyoto and loved it strait away. The fact that one starts with an Iaito (not sharpend Katana) convinced me on the spot.

When I came back to Germany I could find a school that I liked for a long time. Until I found the Tenshinkai Dojo in Cologne. I liked Mugai Ryu, the way it was trained and the teachers instantly. Since then the training there became very important to me and I never regretted a single train there.

For me the training is a way to get away from every day life and to get back to myself. After receiving the second Dan I took over the Tuesday lessons and take over other lessons if need be. To give a lesson is always a little challenge because every student is different. That way I constantly learn something new about the art and about myself. And even after years of practice that hasn’t changed a bit.