Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu for children in Cologne! The Fu Kids training focuses on playful introduction to the world of Kung Fu.

Samurai Kids

Stick- and swordfighting for children in Cologne, an early introduction to the world of martial arts.

Samurai Kids

Martial Arts for kids

The development of body and mind with fun exercises but also a good measure of discipline.

Kinder-Training in Köln

Playful introduction to martial art techniques and cultivation of body control in a familiar and respectful atmosphere.

Kinder Kampfkunst Köln

Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu for Kids in Köln

Kung Fu Kids Köln

During the Kung Fu Kids training children are brought into the Kung Fu World in a playful manner. The shaping of body and soul is achieved through balance of fun and basic measure of discipline. the martial arts training for children is made up of the following aspects :

  • Gymnastics – Games and exercises with a partner and alone to enhance flexibility.
  • Falling school and acrobatics – Learn how to fall and roll off and an introduction into acrobatics
  • Coaching Mitt – Practice different fighting techniques with a partner on claws/strike pads
  • Practitial use – Practice to use the fighting techniques
  • Forms – Traditionel Kung Fu Forms for coordination and body conscious
  • Free Fight – Use of learned techniques with protective gear
  • Breathing exercises and Meditation – Conscious breathing school and meditation

Kung Fu für Kinder in Köln

Children learn how to deal with conflicts and aggression, wich is the foundation of self-confidence . In interactionwieh the learned techniques children learn realisticly and children friendly self defence.

Especially in todays society it is important that children have fun to exercise. Internet, TV und video games are good, but lead to a lack of exercise. Our Martial Arts courses can trigger the interest to move again.

Kampfsport für Kinder Köln

Discipline and respectful but also empathic contact between the students and the teachers are further traditional aspects thought in martial arts..

But most important: The Kung Fu Kids have a lot of fun at what they do and they get to meet new friends.

Kung Fu für Kinder Köln