Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Free Fight

Appliance of techniques under save conditions with a partner.

Self Defence

Direct and simple techniques, as well as training of drills with the purpose of self-defense.

Seminar mit Matsuba Sensei

Tameshigiri & Kenjutsu Seminar

Matsuba Kunimasa

I am very happy to announce the Jiki Shinkage Ryu seminar with Matsuba sensei in April.
Matsuba Kunimasa is one of the highest sword-smiths of Japan and a famous Aikido and Kenjutsu master.

Matsuba Kunimasa

The seminar will include Tameshigiri and Kenjutsu

The Kenjutsu part will be Jiki Shinkage Ryu Kenjutsu.
After the seminar all participants will have the chance to have a discussion with Matsuba Sensei about the Katana, forging, martial arts, Samurai, or Japan in general at a nice dinner.


Dates and application

Sunday, April 6th 2014 starting 13.00.

Tenshinkai Dojo Köln
Holbeinstr. 6
50733 Köln

Price: 60,- Euro
Price for NPO members: 50,- Euro
Additionally 15,- Euro for Tatami if participating in Tameshigiri.

About Matsuba Kunimasa: