Kung Fu Toa

The forms of Kung Fu Toa aim to strengthen mind and body by demanding power, endurance and elegance.

Mugai Ryu

Traditional, japanese swordfighting from Samurai with Katana for cultivating mind and body.

Mugai Ryu

Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu for children in Cologne! The Fu Kids training focuses on playful introduction to the world of Kung Fu.

Tai Chi

An inner martial art combining energy cultivation with soft, as well as dynamic forms.

Tai Chi Köln

Genko Nito Ryu

An effective new style focusing on fighting and applicability, developed by Niina-Soke, using two swords.

Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Samurai Kids

Stick- and swordfighting for children in Cologne, an early introduction to the world of martial arts.

Samurai Kids

Tsuji Gettan Sukeshige

Founder of Mugai Ryu

Tsuji Gettan Sukeshige - Mugai Ryu Ryuso

Born in 1648 in today’s prefecture of Shiga, the 13-year-old Gettan attended the Yamaguchi Dojo in Kyoto where he learned different styles of Iai until his graduation. After an unsuccessful attempt to found his own school at the age of 26, a Gettan went to the Azabu Kyukoji temple where he was trained in Zen and further perfected the art of his swordfighting. There he developed fundamental philosophical principles on which his own style, the strongly zen-connected Mugai Ryu Iaido, was based. With 45 years Gettan attained ‘Satori’, enlightenment, through the way of Zen. He founded the style of Mugai Ryu and opened a school in which many high-ranked Samurai and Daimios are welcomed. Gettan got a high reputation as master of the art of swordfighting as well as a scholar of Zen. When he turned 71 he got the highest honour, an audience with the Shogun. This meeting however never took place, because the Shogun died shortly before. In 1728 Gettan dies at the age of 79 in deep and peaceful meditation.

“Ippo jitsu mugai
Kenkon toku ittei
Suimo hono mitsu
Dochaku soku kosei”

“There is nothing but this one truth
it’s all-encompassing and everlasting
a feather carried by the winds upholds this truth.
To experience harmony in the face of confusion
is enlighenment.