Kung Fu Toa

The forms of Kung Fu Toa aim to strengthen mind and body by demanding power, endurance and elegance.

Mugai Ryu

Traditional, japanese swordfighting from Samurai with Katana for cultivating mind and body.

Mugai Ryu

Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu for children in Cologne! The Fu Kids training focuses on playful introduction to the world of Kung Fu.

Tai Chi

An inner martial art combining energy cultivation with soft, as well as dynamic forms.

Tai Chi Köln

Genko Nito Ryu

An effective new style focusing on fighting and applicability, developed by Niina-Soke, using two swords.

Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Samurai Kids

Stick- and swordfighting for children in Cologne, an early introduction to the world of martial arts.

Samurai Kids

Niina Gosoke

Mugai Ryu Iaido Soke

Niina Toyoaki Soke - Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha Soke

Born Niina Toyoaki in the city of Tsukumi in Oita prefecture on October 2, 1948 (23rd year of Showa), he began learning budo at a young age by starting with aikido. In his twenties, he found a teacher of Shinto Musoryu Jodo and Mugairyu Iaihyodo.

Mugai Ryu Iaido & Kenjutsu - Niina Toyoaki Gosoke

He subsequently began working for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries while devoting himself to budo training in the Mitsubishi Aikido Association. In 1986, he assumed Jodo and Iaido teaching duties in the Association, and in 1987, at the age of 39, he established the Tokyo Jodo Federation and set about popularizing Jodo and Iaido. In 1994, with his Iaido students as the central members, he founded the budo instruction group Suimokai, and subsequently divided Suimokai in 14 organizations. The Non Profit Organization Mugairyu was founded in 2007.

Niina sensei also devised Gyokushin Shinto-ryu, an Iaido and Kumitachi style for handicapped individuals. In 2008 he established the Mugairyu Foundation for which he still currently serves as the representative director. As a practitioner of Mugairyu Iaihyodo, he became a shihan (master instructor) in 1986, received menkyo kaiden (full transmission license) in 1996, hanshi (the highest level of master instructor) in 1998, and soke successorship in 1999. (He established and became the soke of Mugairyu Meishiha in 2004.) He is also the soke of Tosei-ryu Tanjo-jutsu and Gyokushin Shinto-ryu. He holds eigth dan hanshi in Shinto Musoryu Jodo, Uchida-ryu Tanjo-jutsu, Isshin-ryu Kusarigama-jutsu, Ikkaku-ryu Jitte-jutsu, and Chuwa-ryu Tanken-jutsu.