Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Free Fight

Appliance of techniques under save conditions with a partner.

Self Defence

Direct and simple techniques, as well as training of drills with the purpose of self-defense.

Der Besuch von Gosoke in Europa

Many pictures of the events in our Gallery

May and June were quite busy with many events. But I finally uploaded the pictures in our Gallery.

Ceremony, Dan exams and sayonara party.
Okurisshou ceremony und Dan exams

The Mugai Ryu and Tosei Ryu seminar with Gosoke in Köln.
Seminar with Gosoke

The seminars with Niina in Groningen and Amsterdam.
Gosoke in Holland

The trip to Paris and the demonstration at the japanese culture centre.
Paris trip 2011

Gosoke´s and our other friends´ visit and our trip to Koblenz.
Visit from Japan