Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Free Fight

Appliance of techniques under save conditions with a partner.

Self Defence

Direct and simple techniques, as well as training of drills with the purpose of self-defense.

Bericht über Karnevalstaikai

The Cologne Kenkaku Banrai


The 1st Carnival Taikai was a full success! Thank you everybody and I am happy you had fun.

I also thank Master Sarafnia and Brigitte who were thee Jury with me. I also thank the Kölner Stadtanzeiger for the great article on the main page of the local part, as well as David for the organisation and the Blue Marlin in Köln for the delicious Sushi sponsoring.

The Kenkaku Banrai (Carnival Taikai in Cologne) was made by Niina Soke, so that everybody could have fun in a costume once a year. We adapted this tradition to the Cologne culture. I am already looking forward to the next year!

Here you can see the article.
The pictures are in our Gallery.

And here the picture report on the japanese Mugai Ryu Zaidan Houjin Honbu site: